Our Core Values

Safety, ethics, productivity and quality craftsmanship are the core values that guide our company.

At O&G, our core values are engrained in the culture of our company.  Our core values shape the decisions our people make in carrying out their work and guide us in defining our business strategies.


We believe that safety is more than a slogan.  O&G is a people-driven company that thrives because of the talented men and women who leave their families and loved ones each day to support our mission.  We value each member of our labor force and want to ensure that each member of our team returns home safely every day.


O&G is deeply committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards within our industry.  Ethical leadership is a foundation upon which our company was established over 90 years ago, and that still transcends every aspect of our culture, our business transactions and our company today.  We sit on ethics task forces and proactively work to shape the highest ethical standards for our industry, for our state and for our company.


Productivity is a cornerstone of our company.  We continually examine our administrative and operational processes, as well as our logistics and construction methodologies to identify opportunities to “work smarter”.  We proactively seek efficiencies across our business operations, implement innovative technologies and re-engineer processes to ensure that we are delivering the greatest value to our clients.


O&G was founded on the principals of quality service and excellence in craftsmanship back in 1923.  Over 90 years and four generations later, we still believe that providing quality services and products, while delivering a personalized customer experience is critical to our long-term success.