O&G’s Special Project Group provides construction services for small, mid-size and unique projects in Healthcare, Industrial Manufacturing and Commercial environments.

O&G’s Special Projects Group provides comprehensive interior and exterior construction services for small, mid-size and unique projects ranging from $5,000 to $5 million.  O&G’s Special Projects Group provides a portfolio of agile construction services, delivered within a personalized experience you might not expect from a large construction company.

Our Special Projects services are complimented by O&G’s vast pool of resources that includes hundreds of tradesman, thousands of pieces of company-owned equipment and a knowledgebase that spans across a broad range of construction disciplines backed by over 90 years of construction experience.  Our Special Project Group can meet the needs of clients on any project, spanning numerous industries.

Our experience includes working in settings ranging from occupied hospitals to high security and heavily regulated industrial manufacturing environments.  We also have experience performing commercial interior fit-ups and working in delicate environments such as nature preserves.  We understand that maintaining a clean, quiet and safe environment is critical to health and safety of patients, students, employees and customers.  

At O&G, we have the capability to complete work within the owner’s schedule, whether it requires 24x7 staffing or completing work during a factory shutdown.  We also understand that downtime is not an option.

We have worked with clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies and global manufacturers, nationally recognized hospitals and universities, to local municipalities, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Our Special Projects Services

General Construction (GC)

O&G’s General Contracting team provides complete construction services for all aspects of a building project.  Our experienced team works collaboratively with the project owner and architect to transform the design into a structural reality.

Design / Build (D/B)

O&G’s Design / Build solutions provide complete design, management and construction services for clients seeking fast project delivery within budget.  Our Design / Build team works collaboratively with the project owner to design a project within scope of the client’s budget, while providing administrative management and construction services to maximize project delivery.  The Owner contracts solely with O&G making us your single-source for design, construction and fiscal responsibility.

More information

For more information about O&G Building Services, contact Christina Oneglia Rossi by phone at (203) 233-8106 or email christinaoneglia@ogind.com

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