Safety is more than a slogan

Safety is more than a slogan at O&G

O&G's aggressive approach to safety ensures that everyone goes home safe.

At O&G, safety is more than a slogan.  We take the safety of our employees, our clients and their “guests”, as well as the community very seriously.  O&G utilizes an aggressive, proactive approach to safety that ensures that everyone goes home safe to their families and loved ones at the end of each day.

O&G’s aggressive approach to safety starts from the top down.  O&G’s senior executives have a firm commitment to ensuring the safety of everyone who touches the O&G brand - whether it be a tradesperson working on a project site, a visitor to one of our quarries or a family that shares the road with one of our vehicles.

O&G employs numerous OSHA certified safety personnel whose sole responsibility is creating the safest work environments in the industry.  Our safety staff consistently monitor safety issues, inspect worksites, design safety trainings for our staff and create awareness campaigns to ensure our workforce is educated on the leading best practices in safety.

In addition, O&G takes pride in our industry leading equipment maintenance program that has been recognized by major equipment manufacturers such as Caterpillar.  Our proactive approach to equipment maintenance ensures that our staff are using equipment that is safe to operate and that the public is sharing the roads with a well-maintained vehicle fleet.

We also utilize training and awareness programs, combined with innovative technologies that analyze leading indicators and trends in the safety practices of our employees and subcontractors.  The resulting data assists in identifying potential issues, allowing us to target our safety resources and training prior to a safety event occurring.

O&G employs a zero tolerance policy for safety violations whether committed by our employees or subcontractors.  Our philosophy is that aggressive safety practices help to prevent safety issues before they occur.

At O&G, safety is more than a slogan, it’s the way we do business.

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